Thursday, March 25, 2010

BTT: Breaks

Do you take breaks while reading a book? Or read it straight through? (And, by breaks, I don’t mean sleeping, eating and going to work; I mean putting it aside for a time while you read something else.)

I used to be really awful about reading more than book at a time. I totally avoided starting a new book when I had another perfectly good one waiting for me. However, recently, I've found it's a little bit easier to do that. Now that I have to read 4 books at once for school, not to mention a free-reading book of my own, things can get kind of complicated. Despite that, I've been known to just pick up a new title and start whether I'm reading something else or not. I still finish the books I start, but if a book I've been waiting for suddenly makes it way into my hands, I can't say no! I have to start it right away.


  1. I read one book at a time and in one sitting. Here's mine.

  2. I can't say no, either! So I usually have at least two or three different books going at the same time. Keeps me from getting bored with just the one.

  3. I am a read one book at a time and all at once type of gal.

    Here's mine.

  4. I'm the same way. I only recently started reading multiple books at once (except for when I was in school) and it's great because I can dip into different genres to fit my moods. Here's mine.